The Management

Adji Gunawan

President Director

(Board of Directors) Prior joining PT Jasa Angkasa Semesta Tbk., Adji Gunawan was also served on several strategic positions at companies such as PT Bimantara Citra, Tbk dan Andersen Consulting…

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Kevin Chin Thien Tsin

Vice President Director

(Board of Directors) Kevin Chin Thien Tsin was born in Melaka, Malaysia on January, 11th 1968 and is a permanent resident of Singapore. He has professional career as Operations Manager,…

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Marianne Ludwina


(Board of Directors) Marianne started her career as Auditor at Arthur Andersen, a Public Accounting Firm in 1987 and her career boost after joining several multinational companies in Indonesia such…

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Herman Prayitno

President Commissioner and Independent Commissioner

(Board of Commissioner) Mr. Herman Prayitno was born in Yogyakarta on January 9th 1951. Mr. Herman Prayitno was married and has 3 children. Mr. Herman Prayitno is a retired Republic…

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Chi Cheng Bock

Vice President Commissioner

(Board of Commissioner) Mr. Chi Cheng Bock was born in Malaysia on November, 25th 1961 and is a Singapore Citizen. He joined SATS in August 1988 and brings with him…

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Nurhadijono Nurjadin


(Board of Commissioner) Nurhadijono Nurjadin first joined the Company in 1994 and was appointed as the President Director in 2004. He was then assigned as the President Commissioner in 2007…

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Nazri Othman


(Board of Commissioner) Nazri Othman started his career at the Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) in 1994 and held various strategic positions in SATS, among them are Baggage & Transport,…

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Dono Boestami

Independent Commissioner

(Board of  Commissioner) Mr. Dono Boestami was born in Surabaya on January 13th, 1963. Married, with 2 children. He is Graduated from University of Wisconsin, Platteville, WI, USA for Bachelor…

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