Kevin Chin Thien Tsin

Vice President Director

(Board of Directors)

Kevin Chin Thien Tsin was born in Melaka, Malaysia on January, 11th 1968 and is a permanent resident of Singapore.

He has professional career as Operations Manager, Baggage Operations Airline Relations Manager Head, SATS Integrated Control Centre in SATS Passenger & Apron Services Department , SATS Ltd (1990-2004), Head, Account Management for Global Sales Distribution Services with Singapore Airlines Cargo (2004-2009), General Manager of SATS Coolport in SATS Cargo Department (2009-2014), Assistant Vice President of Business Development Department, Asia Pacific Star (2014-2015), Assistant Vice President, Ramp & Technical Ramp Services at SATS Apron Department (2015-2017), and as Chief Executive Officer at GTR Malaysia Company (2017-2020).

Prior to his appointment as PT JAS Vice President Director and Chief Operating Officer, he was Vice President, Cargo Transformation in SATS Cargo Department, SATS Ltd.

He was graduated for Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business Management in University of Balford, United Kingdom.