When bad weather takes place…

On 17 July 2016, Emirates flight EK356 bound for CGK, was facing a bad weather upon approaching its destination. EK Station Manager requested JAS to help to arrange its flight diversion to HLP. With close coordination with Airport Authority and Commander of HLP Air force based, as well as with the help of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the approval to land at HLP was granted, and the handling process went smoothly by JAS HLP.

What special with this flight, which require interdepartmental coordination, it carries the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Mr John Key. The Prime Minister, accompanied by the first lady Mrs Bronagh Key, was having a official visit to Indonesia to meet President Joko Widodo. He took commercial fl ight for his visit, and accompanied by 22 of New Zealand’s businessmen, to discuss and explore partnership with Indonesian government and
companies in various field.

EK Station Manager, Mr Ferdinand Sitepu, expressed his appreciation to JAS HLP Team who demonstrated smooth cooperation and handling for this fl ight. “It would be an honor for me to work together with you today. You did an excellent job for managing our B777 A/C when diverted to HLP . Indeed, without your help and assistance it might be jeopardize EK operation in CGK. Allow me to say thank you very much for everything”, he said.

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