The Ordinary Heroes of CAS Destination (JAS)

His name is Denny Arifin. His job is the ground support equipment operator of CAS Destination – JAS in Halim Perdanakusuma Airport of Jakarta. Pak Denny has been working with CAS Destination – JAS since year 2001. Today, he is holding the license to operate Baggage Towing Tractor (BTT), Aircraft Towing Pushback Tractor (ATT) and Lift Loader (LLD). With his long experience, you can say that Pak Denny has embraced the skill, knowledge, and procedure on operating these machines.

But Monday 4 April 2016 will be the day to remember in the life of Pak Denny. On this day, Pak Denny started his job as usual, as if nothing will happen that can change his life. After operating GSE from 10 am – 7 pm, then Pak Denny was assigned to tow ATR42 and relocate it from North to South apron of Halim Perdanakusuma Airport. With nothing crossed his mind, Pak Denny and his helper, Pak Wing Susatyo, started the ATT and locked it into the ATR42. As the safety measures, Pak Denny did not forget to turn on the ATT’s head and beacon lamps.

Pak Denny contacted the Tower as he reached taxiway Charlie, and was instructed to enter the runway tailgating the B737-800. B737-800 has reached the displaced threshold and started to swing, while the ATT towing ATR42 was still far from the exit way to the South apron. At this point, Pak Denny sensed something was wrong. He saw that the B737-800 was throttled up and increased its speed, heading to his direction. Something terrible was about to happen.

Having just a little time to decide, Pak Denny bravely decided to turn the ATT and ATR42 to the right hand side, to avoid frontal collision. The crash was inevitable, but the damage of the 2 aircrafts was not fatal. B737-800’s left wing was hit and blew on fire, and the ATR’s left wing was damage and its tail was cut. But most importantly, 56 people of B737-800 passengers and crews, and 4 people of ATT operators and ATR42’s technicians were all saved! And it’s all because of Pak Denny’s brave decision to avoid the frontal crash.

CAS Destination – JAS Management extended their appreciation for the brave action demonstrated by Pak Denni, and reward him with Commendation Award. Thank you Pak Denni, for your professionalism, safety mindset and brave decision to save lives.

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