Social Media Tips Every JAS Employees Should Know

Political institutions such as politicians,political parties, foundations, institutions, and political think tanks are all using social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, to communicate with and engage voters.

Here are some social media tips that every JAS employee should follow:

  • When it comes to the online world, people can easily misunderstand what you are saying. This can lead to problems between employees.
  • Social media is not anonymous. There are ways to track down the information to find the source from where comments originated.
  • It’s important to always use good judgment, this goes for whether you are acting as an individual or on behalf of JAS.
  • Make sure that you read and understand social media guidelines and policies, so there are no issues that arise later on from the uncertainty.
  • Although freedom of speech exists and some people may feel they can make comments about their employer, boss, or co-workers, there will be some problems that arise if you do engage in writing negative or hurtful things.
  • It’s important to always know copyright laws. Copyright laws cover both images used online, as well as verbiage.
  • Employees should maintain confidentiality about their work and fellow employees. This means they should not post photos of the people without their permission.
  • Always take responsibility for what it is that you put online through the use of social media. If you put something on there that you shouldn’t have, own up to it, apologize, and remove it.
  • If you are using social media for work purposes, these may include everything from how management prefers things be written, to image usage, and how often they would like things posted.
  • Always be transparent when you are using social media for your job. Let people know who you are and where you work. If you are responding to something outside of work, add a short disclaimer that states your opinion is no reflection upon or is not associated with your job.

“Be careful what you post / share & don’t trust every link you see!”

By adminOctober 15, 2018News