JAS To Accommodate Both Government and Airlines Policies

Government had heightened airport security checks on laptops and other electronic devices, but has no plans to ban them from any foreign and domestic fl ights, seeing current security measures are suffi cient to detect threats, according to Indonesia’s Ministry of Transportation.

Under existing rules, passengers can carry their laptops and other electronic devices and only need to take them out from bags during X-ray checks.

“Security is an integral part of aviation safety. Security measures that can interfere with fl ight safety must be
tightened,” Agus Santoso, Director General of air transportation, said.

However, IF the passengers have to insert their laptop into luggage (after the x-ray checks), then it certainly occurred due to US policy toward the Middle East and North Africa carries en route to US and UK.
Normally the airlines will issue an offi cial announcement to passengers who fl y to US and UK. And this is not applicable equally to domestic or passengers who are not fl ying to US and UK.

By adminMarch 24, 2017News