JAS DPS Station Named Best OTP 2016

Jas Airport Services Denpasar received an award from Eva Air as Best Station Perfomance 2016.

Heri Lukmanto as General Manager of JAS DPS receives award is given directly by Mr. Edward Lee, Station Manager Eva Air Denpasar.

On time performance is a measure of the ability of transport services to be on time. Almost all transportation systems have timetables, which describe when vehicles are to arrive at scheduled stops. Transport services have a higher utility where services run on time, as anyone planning on making use of the service can align their activities with that of the transport system. On time performance is particularly important where services are infrequent, and people need to plan to meet services.

Airlines are closely monitored on their on time performance. On time performance for aircraft is simple to calculate as aircraft depart and arrive at airports, and these are clear points to complete the on time performance calculation.

We say Congratulations on achieving the award.

By adminJanuary 6, 2017News