JAS Airport Services presents an integrated health check service for passengers

JAS Airport Services (JAS) now provides integrated Travel Health Check services, which includes Antigen Swab or PCR test, document check, assistance during check-in and immigration, sanitation kits and baggage wrap / disinfectant, also collaborating with transportation agencies as well as several hotels for quarantine.

Pandemic and changing travel regulations, have caused airlines passengers face uncertainty and anxiety during most of their travel journey.
Recent applied regulation is PCR or Rapid Test Antigen test result as mandatory for air traveller when entering or leaving Jakarta, Denpasar and many international destinations.

Therefore, affirming JAS’s sincere commitment to optimize our guest’s protection and seamless airport journey ,through one of its products, namely ASA (Airport Special Assistance), provides Travel Health Check service.

Through this service, passengers who want to depart or arrive from any countries by using any airlines will get optimal protection, starting from travel preparation to their departure or their arrival at airports throughout Indonesia.

Travel Health Check service is able to provide Antigen Swab Tes within 1 hour results and PCR test results within 6 hours or the next day. In this case, JAS collaborates with 4 international standard hospitals such as Medistra Hospital, Pondok Indah Group Hospital, Siloam Hospital, and Premier Hospital, covering Jakarta, Denpasar, Jogjakarta, Medan and Surabaya.
Passengers can choose the closest hospital to their domicile and services can be done either by drive thru to the hospital or onsite (at home or hotel).

In addition to the PCR test, passengers will also be accompanied by a personal assistant who is assigned to provide assistance during check-in, immigration with complimentary sanitation kits and baggage wrapping or disinfectants.
The assistant will also provides documents check and consultation for confirming latest on-site regulations before planning travelers travel within JAS coverage networks.

According to Nina Violenty, Head of ASA, there are still many passengers who don’t understand the dynamic nature of travel regulations during pandemic.
Nina believes that this integrated Health Check Service will make passengers feel comfortable and safe.

“Nearly 85% of customers who use ASA services are international passengers, who clearly need a PCR test, not just a regular Rapid Test. With 6 hours test result issuance, passengers can fly with comfort,” said Nina.

In 2020, JAS through its ASA service has handled around 17,000 passengers. Not only commercial passengers, but also Umrah travelers. Especially for Umrah, the service is provided by assistance through airport journey starts from check-in assistance, with PCR tests, luggage tracking, and provision of lounges and meals could also be integrated.

ASA has been established for 9 years as part of JAS ground handling services with strong advantage of realtime information for effective passenger handlings. In 2019, ASA launched a mobile application for seamless reservation.

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