GSE Tyre Changer

Following up their award winning invention last year on automation of their working station, CAS Destination (JAS) CGK Maintenance Team, led by their supervisor Mr Itang Ruchiyat, introduced their new invention, GSE Tyre Changer.

The idea of building semi automatic tyre changer came out from the fact that changing a man-size GSE tyre manually, usually takes about 6 men and at least 4 hours, that makes a total of 24 manhours job. It’s a time consuming and physically exhausting job, and it is no wonder that every mechanic hates it.

While thinking and designing the equipment for this job, another challenge came about, how to convince the management to invest on this pricey but non revenue generating equipment?
The team came out with a much brilliant solution, to build it from scrapped materials of un-used equipments. Total spending? You know as always…ZERO, while the market price for the same equipment is more than Rp 300 Million. Very impressive…

And the best part is that the same job, which previously took around 24 manhours to accomplish, now can be done by 2 men in 2 hours, or 4 manhours only. Wow…

The team presented their invention to Management on Wednesday, 16 December 2015. Adji Gunawan, JAS CEO, extended his appreciation to CGK Maintenance Team, and said that this invention is the actual manifestation of JAS Value “Creativity”, as well as JAS program “productivity improvement”.

For this invention, the team is awarded with an Exemplary Reward.

Upon receiving the award, Mr. Itang said that the Team is designing equipment from scrapped materials and is now collecting the required parts. What equipment is it? Well, I guess we have to wait a little longer to know what it is…

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