French Jet Fighters Exhibit Flying Skills over Jakarta

Two Rafale jet fighters aircrafts, manufactured by France based Dassault Aviation, exhibited their flying skill and ability of maneuvering in front of the Indonesian Defense Ministry, the National Military HQ, and the Air Force. The French fleet arrived in Indonesia at the Halim Perdanakusuma airbase, 24 – 26 March 2015.

Dassault Rafale is a 4.5 generation jet fighter which has a unique design. It has a pair of triangle-shaped wings, commonly known as ‘delta wing’. a maximum speed of 1,900 kilometer per hour.

This flight exhibition was part of the Rafale jet fighter’s promotional event to the Indonesian government. The Dassault Aviation company expected that the Indonesia Military would consider the Rafale fighter to replace its aging F-5 Tiger fleet. According to the Indonesian Military Officer, the Rafale aircraft is one of the selected candidate as the Indonesian military fighters fleet, along with Sukhoi SU-35, F-16 Block 60, SAAB Gripen, and Eurofighter Typhoon.

As planned, the Rafale jet fighters will be performing demo flight in Jakarta until Thursday, March 26, 2015. During the show, JAS (CAS Destination) is appointed as their ground handling agent.

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