Fast track to Hajj on Jakarta’s ‘Makkah Road’

A fast-track clearance for Indonesian Hajj pilgrims – known as the “Makkah Road” – had been opened at Soekarno Hatta Int’l airport.
The initiative comes as the first groups of pilgrims left from six Indonesian cities, including Jakarta.

Indonesian and Saudi officials, including Osama bin Mohammed Al-Shuaibi, the Kingdom’s ambassador to Indonesia, were present at the official launch of the fast-track facility on 17 July 2018.

Airport operator Angkasa Pura has installed 20 booths to process Hajj pilgrims, with each counter manned by two Saudi immigration officers.

Saudia Arabia Airlines
Saudi Arabian Airlines had served the departure of about 98,000 pilgrims or 47% of a total of around 204,000 regular pilgrims in Indonesia.

The first departure phase departed for Madinah from 17 July 2018 to 29 July 2018. While the second departure phase departed for Jeddah on 30 July 2018 to 15 August 2018.

The first return phase departed from Jeddah from 27 August 2018 until 8 September 2018. While the second return phase departed from Medina on 9 September 2018 to 26 September 2018.

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