CEO TCS Awards 2016 for DPS!

Nlk Witari and JAS DPS team received the CEO TCS AWARDS 2016 in the category of Flight Delay/Disruption Handling. Not only that, JAS DPS also received same category award from PRIDE OF SILK AIR 2015.
The CEO TCS Award is the highest and most prestigious award given by no less than the Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Airlines, Mr Goh Choon Pong. This award is given to esteemed service providers who transformed customer service by surmounting extraordinary challenges in providing SIA with the high level quality service despite irregular circumstances.
Station DPS encountered such challenge when flight to and from DPS were impacted by severe mount eruptions. Witari said,” Just because disruption is sometimes inevitable does not mean that airports, airlines and all other parties involved in the travel process should be excused from taking responsibility. In fact, when a passenger’s plans go awry, it is the time they are most in need of support.”
“There needs to be timely information, consistent information and an orientated message for the passenger,” explained Witari. “What’s important is that they get the same message.”

Congratulations Station DPS!

By adminAugust 12, 2016News