Airport Emergency Exercise

Airport Emergency Exercise

In 16 Oct 2014, PT AP II held an Airport Emergency Exercise. It is an exercise to perform certain procedures in case of an emergency that happen in and around the airport.

The aim of the exercise is to minimalize the number of fatalities for any incidents in the future. To comply with Keputusan Menteri Perhubungan Nomor KM 47 tahun 2002, this exercise has to be practiced at least once every 2 years.

The event was attended by: Airport Authorities, Garuda Indonesia, JAS, Gapura, and Mayor of Tangerang. It kick-started with participants singing Indonesia’s National Anthem (Indonesia Raya), and then continued with a prayer by Ustad Dandi Supriadi. Soon after, Mr. Bram Bharoto Tjiptadi (Senior General Manager AP II) gives an opening speech, followed by a speech by Mr. Dwi Afriyanto (Kepala Otoritas Bandara Wilayah I), and Mr. Tri S Sunoko (Dirut AP II). The speech briefly explains the purpose of the training, to be evaluated and fixed, as it is necessary to fulfill the SOP’s requirement.

The drill begins with a conversation from an emergency declaration from the pilot to the tower, and tower then inform the rescue team to get ready for emergency landing. It continued with fire drill from the firefighters, slowly putting the fire out from the plane. There is also an evacuation drill to evacuate passengers from inside the plane. The whole process was timed and supposedly finished in less than 5 minutes. And to conclude the emergency exercise, there was evaluation where the authorities compared the result of the drill with Standard of Operation (SOP).

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