[:en]Cathay Pacific celebrates 20 years of Anniversary[:id]CX[:]

[:en]CX Surabaya celebrates their 20th Anniversary in Ballroom Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Surabaya on 23 October 2015. This event was attended by all CX Frequent Flyer Member, CX appointed travel agent, cargo agent, CAS Destination (JAS), AP I, Airnav, Immigration, Customs and other airport authority. The event began with a lion dance performances (Barongsai), followed […]

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[:en]CAS Destination (JAS) Adding New Facilities[:]

[:en]CAS Destination (JAS) added its new facilities on September 2015, located on 2nd floor Export Building 530. These new facilities is another value proposition for our valuable customers. Its new office space complete with meeting rooms, connected room, praying room as well as executive bathroom. With this new add, we go extra mile to continuously […]

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[:en]CAS Destination (JAS) Pay Courtesy Visit to Middle East Carrier[:]

[:en]Mr. Adji Gunawan – CEO of CAS Destination (JAS) led a delegation to pay a courtesy visit to our Middle East Carrier Customers from 31 August – 6 October 2015. The purpose of this visit was to thank them for the business or ask if they are satisfied with our services as well as to […]

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