The Launching of Apron Assistant


Since the beginning of July 2014, JAS prepared an insourcing team ready to build full fledge insource staff teams for Baggage and Ramp Operations in CGK called Apron Assistant (AA). Its aim is to provide a secured and smooth cutover. Their jobs are, but not limited to, baggage make up from check-in and baggage breakdown on arrival. JAS believed that converting from outsourcing to insourcing would increase service enhancement, service quality, reliability, and image towards customers.

There are several steps to make sure that the AA teams meet the standard requirements. Started with interview with user and HRD, medical check up, gathering up files needed for airport pass; including Perjanjian Kerja Untuk Waktu Tertentu (PKWT), 2 days training for every batch, and lastly On Job Training. The training materials include ground handling business process, introducing the main job and function, basic loading and unloading skills, dangerous goods awareness, ramp safety awareness, and aviation security awareness.

There are 3 important targets for AA’s. First is safety. Aircrafts must depart safely with no defects. All AA’s must always complies with the safety procedures. Second is Punctuality, where the On Time Performance (OTP) set by airlines must be achieved. Third is Service quality. AA’s must meet the service delivery performance of AA’s set by airlines.

As per 1 October 2014, AA teams have started services in CGK Terminal 3, with AirAsia as the main customer. With proper education and preparations, it is hoped that the inauguration of JAS’ AA will set a higher standards of ground handling service in CGK, especially for JAS’ clients.

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By | October 7, 2014 | News