The battle against FOD

The battle against “FOD” is a never ending effort. FOD is foreign object which is not belonged on the runway, taxiway, or ramp area, yet potentially damage airside equipment. FOD can cause damage to aircraft, and in rare case, cause an accident. To prevent these, CAS Destination in colaboration with AP II held a FOD cleaning on 24 April 2015 at Apron Terminal 2D – 2F.

Typical FOD items are aircraft parts, tire fragments, mechanics’ tools, nails, luggage parts, broken pavement and pebbles which are often found while doing FOD Check.

One example of serious FOD incidents: A Bombardier Learjet 36A was taking off from Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport in Virginia on 26 March 2007, when the crew heard a loud “pop”. Aborting the takeoff, the crew tried to control the “fishtailing” and activate the drag chute. The chute did not work and the Learjet ran off the runway, its tires blown. Airport personnel reported seeing rocks and pieces of metal on the runway after the accident. The NTSB said that the accident was caused by Foreign Object Debris (FOD) on the runway. Failure of the drag chute contributed to the accident.

F.O.D is everyone’s concern. Bins it before it bins you!!


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