JAS Airport Services Operates Five Apron Lower-Deck Buses at SHIA

The apron bus that has a low frame chassis is the first type in Indonesia biggest airport.

“The addition of the lower deck apron bus is out effort to fix the Ground Support Equipment fleet,” said JAS President Director, Mr. Adji Gunawan during the inauguration of the bus at the Terminal 3 Apron of Soekarno-Hatta Airport, 9 August 2018.

He also said the operation of 5 lower deck bus is part of JAS compliance towards KP Director’s Regulation no. 635 / 2015 regarding the standard of ground aircraft support equipment (GSE) and operational vehicles operating on the air side.

Mr. Adji Gunawan explained, “Which means lower deck from front to back, chassis monochoque and the chassis was not modified at all.”

This 8-door apron bus has a sophisticated CCTV and air suspension with the ability to tilt to a certain level to make it easier for people with disabilities to freely ride up and down the bus.

An apron bus with a capacity of 105 people serves the process of moving passengers from the aircraft to the terminal or vice versa.

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