ASEM Transport Ministers Agreed to Synergize Connectivity in Asia & Europe

Indonesia successfully held the 4th Asia-Europe MeetingTransport Ministers’ Meeting (ASEM TMM4) in Bali on 26-28 September 2017. With the theme “Bridging an Integrated Transport Connectivity of Asia and Europe through Synergizing Regional Strategic Plans” the Transport Ministers of ASEM have successfully agreed on a strategic measures to enhance, expand and modernize Asia and European connectivity […]

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JAS Partners with Gov’t to Popularize Indonesian Tourism via Wonderful Indonesia Co-Branding

JAS Airport Services is selected to join the co-branding of Wonderful Indonesia and Pesona Indonesia. JAS believes that Indonesian tourism is not only the responsibility of the Ministry of Tourism but it is the responsibility of all elements, including businessmen. JAS is excited to be a government partner to popularize tourism through the branding of […]

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Nam Air to fly from Jakarta to Bima, Tambolaka

Nam Air, a subsidiary of Sriwijaya Group, starting Sept. 9 is set open routes from Jakarta to Bima in West Nusa Tenggara and Jakarta to Tambolaka in East Nusa Tenggara, both of which would transit through Denpasar in Bali. The routes would be served once a day in a return flight for each route, where […]

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SQ Cargo Service Excellence Award 2016-2017

JAS DPS Station got Number 1 in category group 3 from total 12 station(DPS,CCU,FCO,CPT,AMD,FUK,SUB,SHJ,BWN,MUC,NBO,DME) DPS got the highest score 95,83 and the category assessment as cargo mishandling performance, Punctuality performance, FSU performance, ULD management and complexity that all achieved target.

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