CAS Destination (JAS) Commitment on Safety and Health

Dear Value Customers,

Year 2015 had ended, and we welcome 2016. During 2015, several incidents and accidents have been taking place in Indonesian aviation industry. It is still fresh in our memory the accident of Air Asia flight which plunged into Java Sea about a year ago. The investigation report has been released by Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee, which stated that one of the major causes of that accident is failure of communication between pilot and first officer. Indonesian harsh geographical situation and weather also contributed in these incident and accident occurrences, including the disappearance of Trigana Air Service’s twin propeller aircraft in foggy dense jungle of Papua last August, or some volcanic eruptions and terrible hazes which cause flight irregularities in many airports.

All of these incident and accident reminded us the importance of maintaining high level of safety and healthy working environment.

CAS Destination (JAS) is fully aware of this importance, and affirm our self and all of our stakeholders, that it is our intent and commitment to demonstrate an ongoing improvement on health and safety at work throughout our organization.

We believe that safety in the air starts from the ground, therefore we are striving to ensure the health and safe working environment are maintained in accordance with the applicable regulation and standard. Throughout the years, we led the ground handling & cargo industry in promoting the best practice in complying the health and safety standard, while at the same time ensuring the compliance of service level set by our valued clients.

Our health and safety commitment are manifested in the continuous improvement in four dimensions:

Our human capital is our biggest and most valuable asset. We will ensure that each and every staff is consistently exposed to the health and safety awareness. Active and passive communication are carried out among and between all of our people and stakeholders on the importance of health and safety awareness, in form of briefing, safety meeting, campaign, posters, email blast, etc.
In addition to these, regular training is also carried out and attended by every staff from the lowest to the highest position in management. This is to ensure that safe and health principles are embedded in each staff’ mindset.

As the company with international certification of ISAGO, we believe that safe and health working environment requires the continuously improved working process in accordance with prevailing regulation and standard operating procedure.
We also undergo various operational and non-operational audits by various institutions every year, which will continuously improve the way we work and ensure our safety and health working environment.
In 2015, we introduce Safety and Quality Inspector program, in which we assign few selected operational staffs in every department to be the eye and ear to the compliance of working procedure in the field. This is part of our preventive measure to reduce and eliminate potential hazard and risk of operational incidents and accidents.

Not only have the people, our operational equipment also played a major role in ensuring the safe and healthy working environment. Our equipments undergo routine checks, preventive maintenance as well as safety audit and certification by various institutions, every year. These are to ensure that our equipments are worthy and feasible for every operational requirement.

4.Continuous Improvement
We will constantly encourage, develop, review and share “health and safety practice” in both internal and external communities.

CAS Destination (JAS) strives to exceed the safety standards in the most effective and efficient way as our commitment of service quality to all of you, our valued customers. We assure you that we will undertake every necessary measure to ensure that safe and healthy working process and environment are maintained and improved at all time, while ensuring our service delivery in accordance to your requirement. We will also continue our program to refresh and develop our staffs’ competency, improve and update our operating procedures, as well as ensure that all of our equipments are well-maintained and certified, all of which to enable us to deliver the best services to you.
Thank you for your continuous support and trust.


Adji Gunawan
President Director and CEO

By | January 4, 2016 | News