[:en]RJ to operate first flight to Jakarta[:]

[:en]Royal Jordanian inaugurated its new direct regular route from Amman to the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, on 23 December 2015. Jakarta is the fourth new RJ destination in 2015 RJ President/CEO Captain Suleiman Obeidat said that reopening the Amman-Jakarta route comes at a time when Indonesia witnesses an increasingly remarkable air traffic, which indicates economic growth; […]

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[:en]The Most Improved Station DPS[:]

[:en]Flawless Ground Handling company is a treasure that every single airline is eagerly trying to find, yet a lot of times face a number of challenges. Most of the time, the challenge list starts with the long and unreasonable waiting times, unprofessional and careless procedure completion, and most importantly, high costs that do not match […]

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[:en]GSE Tyre Changer[:]

[:en]Following up their award winning invention last year on automation of their working station, CAS Destination (JAS) CGK Maintenance Team, led by their supervisor Mr Itang Ruchiyat, introduced their new invention, GSE Tyre Changer. The idea of building semi automatic tyre changer came out from the fact that changing a man-size GSE tyre manually, usually […]

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[:en]SAUDIA to operate Umrah flights from Medan[:]

[:en]Saudi Arabian operates flights from Medan to Madinah to transport Umrah pilgrims, beginning from 14 December 2015. The full service Saudi Arabian Skyteam members are also expected to attract more passengers Umrah and other purposes. Saudi Arabian expected to help serve the growing number of Umrah passengers from Indonesia especially North Sumatera. For Umrah pilgrims […]

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[:en]Baggage Awareness Campaign 2015 in DPS[:]

[:en]Sometimes airport personnel can make mistakes too. CAS Destination (JAS) DPS held a “Baggage Awareness Campaign” from 12 September – 12 December 2015. The purpose of this campaign is to reduce and eliminate the number of lost and damaged luggage cases. The closing ceremony was held on 19 January 2016 at PHS Meeting Room, DPS. […]

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[:en]Giving makes us happier ![:]

[:en]Have you ever felt compelled to help someone – a reaction as you witnessed a struggle and recognized that you were capable of support? Whether it is a person stumbling on the street or falling on hard times because of illness, whether it is someone close to us or a complete stranger – our first […]

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[:en]Qantas is returning to Bali[:]

[:en]Qantas is returning to Bali with scheduled services for the first time in seven years with seasonal flights from Sydney during the upcoming summer holidays. It will operate a total of 33 flights between Sydney and Bali from 4 December 2015 to 29 January 2016 with Boeing 737-800s. “We know how attractive Bali is as […]

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[:en]Innovating Above & Beyond Customer’ Expectations[:]

[:en]The annual managerial gathering, CAS Destination (JAS) Strategic Meeting 2015, was held on 30 November – 1 December 2015, at R Hotel Rancamaya in South Bogor. This year’s theme is “Innovating Above & Beyond Customer’s Expectation”. Around 85 participants of JAS top managements of all stations attended this event, which aimed to share next year’s […]

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