[:en]HLP Airport Held Emergency Response Exercises [:]

[:en]AP II Branch HLP held a Jakarta Emergency Response exercise (PKD) coded Rajawali Sakti 4 on 26 November 2015. The PKD exercise is an activity that is held biannually by all airports under AP II in order to sharpen the readiness of all airport stakeholders in tackling emergency situations. PKD exercise was also the perfect […]

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[:en]CAS Destination (JAS) Wins Indonesia Best IT System 2015[:]

[:en]After a rigorous and competitive selection in Best e-Corp in 2015 organized by SWA magazine and PW, CAS Destination (JAS) was awarded as one of the Indonesia Best IT System 2015. The award was handed over at Shangrila Hotel on 26 November 2015. Introducing and promoting our JACS (JAS Air Cargo System), we were competing […]

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[:en]CAS Destination (JAS) as one of the largest taxpayers[:]

[:en]The Government emphasizes the obligation of citizens to pay taxes is absolutely necessary because the tax is most important source of revenue for the country. As we know, the obligation to pay taxes are already regulated in Article 23A of the 1945 Constitution, that is to say that the obligation to pay the tax by […]

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[:en]CAS Destination (JAS) Safe Campaign Handling Lithium Batteries[:]

[:en]Lithium batteries have become the preferred energy source to power a wide variety of consumer goods ranging from mobile phones to children toys to e-bikes and passenger vehicles. Though widely used, most people are not aware that lithium batteries are dangerous goods and can pose a safety risk if not prepared in accordance with the […]

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[:en]Italian President to Visit Indonesia[:]

[:en]Italian President Sergio Mattarella, accompanied by several leading businessmen of the country visited Indonesia in November 2015. The planned visit of President Mattarella to Indonesia will be the first of its kind after Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi visited the country in 1999. It was an effort to enhance trade and economic relations between the […]

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[:en]Boeing Maritime Surveillance Aircraft[:]

[:en]Boeing has developed a new aircraft for a military customer built off a commercial platform – the Boeing Maritime Surveillance Aircraft to solve customers’ maritime domain awareness challenges. Boeing MSA came to Jakarta and held a demonstration for potential operators, Indonesian Air Force. On 4 November 2015, they invited VIP guests such as Minister of […]

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[:en]CAS Destination (JAS) Goes To Manado[:]

[:en]Continuing our yearly tradition, a customer bonding tour was held in earlier November 2015, and this year’s destination: MANADO… The beauty of Bunaken Island and the hype of Manado Boulevard have excited some airliners to join the trip. 57 participants of Country Managers, Station Managers, Cargo Managers and JAS Board of Management joined this 3 […]

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