[:en]Annual General Meeting of CAS Destination’ Shareholders 2015[:id]Annual General Meeting of CAS Destination’ Shareholders [:]

On 9 April 2015, CAS Destination held an Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) in Menara Cardig, HLP.
The agenda of the meeting includes approval of the Annual Report 2014 and changes in the Board of Commissioners and Directors.

Another Extraordinary GMS was also held in 12 June 2015 with agenda approval of change of Company’s Article of Association and changes of Board of Commissioners and Directors, which are now become:

Mr. Nurhadijono Nurjadin: President Commissioner
Mr. Yacoob bin Ahmed Piperdi: Vice President Commissioner (new)
Mr. Radianto Kusumo: Commissioner
Mr, Nazri bin Othman: Commissioner
Mr. Simon Halim: Independent Commissioner
Mr. Adji Gunawan: President & CEO
Mr. peta satelit dunia Foh Chi Dong: Vice President & COO(new)
Mrs. Marianne Ludwina Hasjim: Non Affiliated Director

A warm welcome for the new members of the Board!



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