[:en]JAS (CAS Destination) rolls out Ramp Safety Campaign[:]

[:en]JAS (CAS Destination) believes that everyone has the right to work in a safe environment. Therefore JAS is committed to implement the highest standards of safety, and continuously improve our safety performance. On 30 January 2015, JAS (CAS Destination) rolled out The Ramp Safety Campaign (RSC) program in major stations. The campaign focuses to remind […]

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[:en]New and improved Premier Lounge officially launched at DPS[:]

[:en]JAS (CAS Destination) construction work on the New Premier in DPS International Terminal was finally completed. A ceremony was held on 12 January 2015 to celebrate the opening. During the ceremony, Mr. Adji Gunawan (JAS CEO), Mr. Subakir (AP I) and Mr. Kenneth R. Guldbjerg (Virgin Australia) gave their speeches to congratulate the launched of […]

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[:en]Cathay Pacific Adds 5th Daily Flights[:]

[:en]CX added 5 flights per week service for Jakarta-Hong Kong sector, with effect from 2 January 2015. The new services added the total CX service in this sector from 21 to 26 weekly. Mr. Hedi Rachmat, Station Manager of Cathay Pacific extended his gratitude for smooth arrangement and flight handling by JAS (CAS Destination.) This […]

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