JAS Implements EDIFly as Messaging Provider

JAS Airport Services, the preferred and leading ground handling provider in Indonesia and ISAGO certified since 2010, recently appointed PT. Jasa Teknologi Informasi Mandiri (JTI Mandiri) as EDIFly licensor in Indonesia, an innovative solution for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) communication. The cooperation itself is for 3 years term.

EDIFly is a solution that allows users of Type B and Type X messaging to send messages securely and reliably over the public internet. The service has been specifically designed to allow a seamless, secure, reliable and backwards compatible exchange of standard Type B and Type X over the internet between any members of the EDIfly service.

EDIFly is commonly used by many carriers and cargo operators worldwide, including: CargoLux, Swissport, BKK Flight Service, HKG Cargo Terminal, LUG Aircargo Handling, SGN Cargo, TAP Portugal, ICC Shenzhen, KUL, SIN GHA, EY, QR, as well as JAS affiliated company, SATS, in all of its stations. This drives JAS to also choose EDIFly for its messaging solution. The usage of EDIFly system is also expected to reduce JAS messaging cost, as it utilizes public internet system.

The use of EDIFly does not require additional nor changes in JAS’ current system and hardware. The system has been undergoing several tests, on every messaging protocols and with various partners, and resulted satisfactorily. JAS is confident to start the use of the EDIFly system as of December 1, 2014.

In addition to the new system, JAS will still be utilizing SITA Messaging Gateway, particularly for the messaging transmission with non EDIFly clients. Thus this will ensure that JAS will still be able to exchange electronic data with any client throughout the globe.

Adji Gunawan, JAS Chief Executive Officer said: “We always strive to improve our service to cope with the future requirement and connectivity, and we are very pleased to introduce the use of EDIFly as our messaging system to improve our service delivery to our valued partners.”

By | November 7, 2014 | News