• Adji Gunawan

    Adji Gunawan

    The Board of Directors

    Prior joining PT Jasa Angkasa Semesta Tbk., Adji Gunawan was also served on several strategic positions at companies such as PT Bimantara Citra, Tbk dan Andersen Consulting (as now, Accenture). He was also appointed for strategic positions at companies within Cardig Group. He was once appointed as the Company’s director in 2004. Continuing on, he was re-appointed again in June 2012.

  • Ibrahim Mohamed Salleh

    Ibrahim Mohamed Salleh

    The Board of Directors

    Ibrahim Salleh was born in Malaysia 7 May 1965 and earned his Honours Degree in Science (Estate Management - CNAA) from Oxford Polytechnic, Oxford UK (Now Oxford Brookes University) in 1989. He also completed a course in Air Accident at Cranfield University in 2016 and several professional IATA courses.
    He started his professional career as Graduate Valuer in the UK Civil Service in and later later joined Henry Butcher Lim & Long Sdn Bhd as Valuation Executive in mid 1992.
    At the end of 1992, he joined Malaysia Airlines as Property Controller in charge of various sections including Administration, Development and Airport Planning. In 2000, he was promoted and transferred to Cargo Division as Line Operations Manager and was selected to be posted as Cargo Operations Manager Northern Region in 2005. He was further promoted as Senior Vice President Cargo Operations in 2011.
    His last position in Malaysia Airlines Berhad was General Manager Safety Management.His vast experience includes Property Management, Cargo Handling, Cargo Safety and Security, Airline Safety, Accident Investigation and Incident Management having been involved in major property development, cargo handling projects and an active member of various IATA cargo committees and boards. He was also involved in a number of accident investigations and incident management which includes MH 370 and MH 17.

  • 4.Marianne Ludwina

    Marianne Ludwina

    The Board of Directors

    Marianne started her career as Auditor at Arthur Andersen, a Public Accounting Firm in 1987 and her career boost after joining several multinational companies in Indonesia such as PT Rhodia Indolatex and PT Syngenta Indonesia. Her latest position was Finance Director for Truba Jaya Engineering, a power plant construction company. She joined PT Jasa Angkasa Semesta Tbk in 2008.

  • Nurhadijono Nurjadin

    Nurhadijono Nurjadin

    The Board of Commissioners

    Nurhadijono Nurjadin first joined the Company in 1994 and was appointed as the President Director in 2004. He was then assigned as the President Commissioner in 2007 up to present. He was once held several strategic positions at foreign companies in Singapore such as Peregrine Securities and Bankers Trust, also at PT Bimantara Citra, Tbk.

  •  Yacoob-Bin-Ahmed-Piperdi

    Yacoob Bin Ahmed Piperdi

    The Board of Commissioners

    Mr Piperdi is the Executive Vice President, Gateway Services of SATS. He is responsible for further developing the Group's competencies in Gateway Services to support its growth across the region.
    Previously, Mr Piperdi served as Executive Vice President, Food Solutions from April 2012 to December 2013, where he expanded its competencies to include sports catering. Prior to that, he held the concurrent appointments of Acting Executive Vice President, Gateway Services and Senior Vice President, Cargo Services, and led the Group's entry into the cruise handling business.
    Mr Piperdi joined SATS in April 1981 and assumed various positions including Vice President, Cargo, and Vice President, SATS Inflight Catering Centre 2 as well as other managerial positions in apron and baggage, passenger services, and marketing as well as SIA Ground Services.
    Mr Piperdi graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree, majoring in English.

  • Radianto Kusumo

    Radianto Kusumo

    The Board of Commissioners

    Radianto had started his career as Manager in PT Catur Yasa from 1995 to 1996. He joined Associate Union Bank of Switzerland in 1997, in ABN AMRO as Assistant of Vice President in 1999-2001, in HSBC as Head of Debt Capital Markets and Institutional Global Markets and in 2001-2006, in Quvat Management since 2006-2011, in PT Nap Info Lintas Nusa as President Commissioners since 2008-2009, in PT Jasa Aero Engineering as Commissioner and in Indies Capital as Director, both are from 2009-2010, and in PT Jasa Angkasa Semesta, Tbk as Commissioner since 2012 until now. He worked at PT Cardig Aero Services Tbk as Commissioner since 2011-2012 prior to his serving as Commissioner at PT Ancora Indonesia Resources and Vice President Director at PT Cardig Aero Services Tbk.

  • Nazri Othman

    Nazri Othman

    The Board of Commissioners

    Nazri Othman started his career at the Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) in 1994 and held various strategic positions in SATS, among them are Baggage & Transport, Passenger Services and Super hubs 1 & 2 Cargo Manager. He then was assigned as Vice President Director and Chief Operating Officer of PT Jasa Angkasa Semesta Tbk in mid-2004.

  • Simon Halim

    Simon Halim

    The Board of Commissioners

    Simon is currently the Managing Partner of Arghajata, a strategic Indonesian consulting firm in exclusive alliance with a global professional services firm. Prior to co-founding Arghajata, he has held various positions including Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Ernst & Young Indonesia, Director and CFO of a US-Indonesian joint venture telecom company and Partner in KPMG specializing in energy and banking. Simon is also a board member (commissioner) of a number of Indonesian companies, both publicly listed and privately held, and holds position in audit committees of a number of Indonesian publicly listed companies. Simon has more than 30 years of experience and has been involved in various professional engagements concerning auditing, accounting and financial restructuring as well as strategy development, organizational design and performance improvement initiatives. Throughout his career, he has been exposed to a wide variety of industries, especially in Oil & Gas, Mineral Resources, Banking, Telecommunication and Agroforestry.